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Kristin Melton, MS, LCPC
Green Ribbon Advocate Founder
Spokesperson for
Children's Mental Health Network
Families need support, 
no matter how they 
are defined...

     Whether it be single parent, blended, married parents, grandparents, or LGBTQI2S families, all of them -- regardless of ethnicity, heritage, or culture -- need some type of support when children are diagnosed with a mental health challenge. 
     Any family must adapt to the needs of their children, and mental illness requires strength from within. A needed component is the support of the family's community. Embracing and supporting those with a mental health challenge, instead of stigmatizing and stereotyping, is the goal of a green ribbon advocate. 

Everyone Can Participate!
       During the month of May 2012, the week of May 6-12, 2012, and on May 9, 2012 there will be events all over the nation to celebrate children's mental health!

       To find out about events in your area, you can visit the SAMHSA website (click the SAMHSA link to the left). Not only will you find out about events, but there is also information that can help you plan your own Awareness Day Activity for 2012.

Why is it important to participate
   in NCMHAD Events? 

       National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day and National Children's Mental Health Awareness Week is an opportunity to educate communities about children's mental illness and the importance of diagnosis and treatment. Raising general awareness of the fact that mental health is common and medical in nature is always a priority. But most importantly, it takes everyone in order to change the current social stigma that surrounds mental illness. One in five children suffer with a mental health concern that can be treated. Working together, we can educate, encourage, and empower the community to be mental health friendly.
Get your green ribbon or a green ribbon lapel pin to wear during FFCMH's National Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, May 6-12, 2012


Become a Green Queen!
Communities of people, including titleholders, have huge influence on others. Share your influence and 
Be a Green Queen by participating in awareness raising activities with me and my partner organization the Children's Mental Health Network.

Like the Be a Green Queen Facebook Page to learn about upcoming events.

   Do you know the history of the green ribbon 
     as a symbol for children's mental health?

In the 1800’s, the color green was used to brand people who were labeled 
“insane”. The children’s mental health community decided to continue using the color green, but with a completely different focus. Green signifies new life, new growth, and new beginnings. Therefore, green ribbons are worn to raise public awareness to better the lives of children and youth with serious emotional disorders. Please show your support of these children and their families. 
You can also show your support with a green ribbon for your car window! Request yours today. Email for details.
Add a green ribbon TWIBBON to your Twitter or Facebook Profile! Show your support now.