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Kristin Melton, MS, LCPC
Green Ribbon Advocate Founder
Spokesperson for
Children's Mental Health Network
Families need support, 
no matter how they 
are defined...

     Whether it be single parent, blended, married parents, grandparents, or LGBTQI2S families, all of them -- regardless of ethnicity, heritage, or culture -- need some type of support when children are diagnosed with a mental health challenge. 
     Any family must adapt to the needs of their children, and mental illness requires strength from within. A needed component is the support of the family's community. Embracing and supporting those with a mental health challenge, instead of stigmatizing and stereotyping, is the goal of a green ribbon advocate. 

When a child is diagnosed with a mental health challenge, there is so much more involved than "just counseling."  Treatment can mean numerous medical doctor visits, specialist doctor visits, therapy, and other programs. Can you imagine juggling all these appointments with a schedule that is already full with family activities?

The entire family is affected including parents/caregivers, siblings, and grandparents. 
Sadly, our society has created many negative views about mental health that impacts the child and family. When families feel they are viewed negatively, it hinders families from seeking treatment for children and following through to recovery becomes almost impossible. 

 Consider how the community embraces a child's diagnosis of diabetes, asthma, or even cancer. Why shouldn't it be the same for mental health? With your support, families can feel secure in seeking treatment without social judgement. That's why YOU are so important to children's mental health. Join the movement to secure that every child gets the treatment that they need.

Why Advocate?

In the News...

See Kristin Melton, 
Mrs. Midwest International 2012, on Channel 3 WSILTV promoting the Green Queen Event.

Partner Organizations
The Children’s Mental Health Network is a national alliance advocating for children’s mental health issues, and offering experience-based consultation and education to those interested in promoting the concept of systems of care.
Through a family and youth-driven approach the National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health provides support to children and youth with emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges and their families so that children grow up healthy and able to maximize their potential.
"As Mrs. Midwest International 2012, Kristin has created visibility and highlighted the importance of children's mental health. She has demonstrated amazing dedication and leadership, and if crowned Mrs. International she will have an even greater opportunity to share this critical message."

Gary M. Blau, PhD
 Chief of Child, Adolescent, & Family Branch of SAMHSA 
(Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Agency)